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New Mover Mailing and Marketing Programs

Don't Get Mad - Attract New Patients

Blog - Andrew Orons

I received a somewhat irate call from a Dentist client who was fuming over a series of direct mail marketing postcards that he had dropped into his local territory to attract new patients. It seems that he had spent thousands of dollars with a national postcard factory and had yet to receive a single response.

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Patience for Patients

Blog - Will Stone

We work with clients all across the country and have for years. Like most dental marketing or chiropractic marketing companies, potential clients are coming to us because they want to attract new patients.  Often times they have come to us because they are frustrated with their experience with another medical marketing company.

Visit Neighborhood Greetings

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The Second Most Important Step in Attracting New Patients

Blog - Will Stone

No matter how long you have been in practice, attracting new patients is vital. Medical marketing solutions are an all encompassing endeavor that touches potential patients from their first impression and ends when they physically move away.

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Direct Mail vs Your Other Choices

Blog - Will Stone

Ben Franklin published a newspaper. In the early 20th century radio was invented. The newspapers survived and flourished. In the 1950's televisions became widespread. Newspapers remained, radio remained and television flourished. In the 1990's the internet exploded! Yes, newspapers, radio and television all maintained their presence.

In each medium advertising played an integral in role in providing the funding and the purpose.
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I just want to get something out there....

Blog - Will Stone

How often in our lives do we think “I just want to get something out there…” into the mail, put a website up, make a quick email campaign. Something to increase sales. Get the client base up. Just something.

Unfortunately way too often.


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Direct Marketing, what is it and who cares?

Blog - Will Stone

Direct Marketing is what?

Does the definition really matter?

Only if you want to be successful!

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Why Target New Movers?

Blog - Will Stone

All service providers face the same challenge!  

How do you continually attract new clients to keep your business or practice growing?

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The Super Consumer and the Importance of New Homeowner Mailing Lists

Blog - Chris J Burns

New homeowners are some of the biggest consumers in America today. These consumers spend up to 10 times more compared to established homeowners. These ‘super consumers’ are big spenders with specific needs and susceptibilities. Reaching out to this base of super consumers can grow your business or practice. It is imperative to identify these consumers quickly; a task easily accomplished with new homeowner mailing lists.


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10 Tips For Using New Mover Mailings to Expand Your Dental Practice

Blog - MaKenzie J Birchell

New movers have all sorts of tasks on their to-do list after unpacking their boxes, and looking for a new dentist is one of them, so they can be the very best candidates for dental postcard marketing. 

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